How does a garage door safety sensors work?

Current single beam sensors have an infrared (IR) transmitter, and an IR receiver on opposite sides of the garage door. These are connected to the garage door opener with two low voltage wires. The wires are used for both power and communication back to the garage door opener, commonly known as the operator. As long as the receiver detects the transmitted signal, the operator is clear to operate and close the garage door. When an object blocks the transmitted signal from reaching the receiver, the signal stops, and the operator is disabled from lowering and closing the door or if the door is in the process of closing, the door is reversed. Most operators also indicate the sensor prevented or reversed the garage door by a flashing an on board light on the operator. 10 light flashes on the operator is commonly an indicator of something in the path of the sensor. This is also a common reason a garage door does not close. Checking the path of the sensor, checking proper alignment of the sensors may be the first two reasons for this error.
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How does a garage door safety sensors work?
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